Reasons Why Opencart is Good as an E-Commerce Platform

by asmitank / 09/09/2018
Reasons Why Opencart is Good as an E-Commerce Platform

Why OpenCart is an excellent platform

The Opening Lines

As an entrepreneur, being forever online for your shoppers, having the ability to satisfy their desires quickly, effectively and before your competitors, having access to many tools to boost your business are essential. These and plenty of different blessings await your business if you opt to become an expert in this fast-growing internet business. And it sounds nice, doesn’t it, however, how and where do you have to start? If you’re presently searching around for the e-commerce platform that’s right for you, OpenCart may well be a decent choice for you to think about.

This popular platform, OpenCart, has a standard structure, provides a variety of prospects, and conjointly features a convenient and intuitive program and builds straightforward navigation. It permits retailers to manage their online store.

We have gathered the crucial reasons why to decide on OpenCart for your online store.

  1. OpenCart is Free

    The platform is free, and hence your sole expenditure, in this case, becomes shopping for the domain and hosting for your website. Of course, their area unit paid modules or functionalities in this platform as well. However, they all are optional and depends upon one’s choice as to whether you would like to customize your search in an exceedingly explicit manner or line with a selected want of yours. Hence anyone can download OpenCart and thus undergo its code. Also, there are no limits on types, product and plenty of others.

  2. OpenCart is Simple to Run

    The OpenCart system is supported upon the Model View Controller (MVC) structure. It’s simple to develop and run extensions or even customize OpenCart if you are familiar with PHP and MySQL. To form a brand new extension, produce four files: Controller, Model or use the existing one if there is any, View, and a Language File. But even if you are not acquainted with all this, there is nothing to worry about; this platform is made as extraordinarily pleasant one and straightforward to figure with.
    Hence, there's enormous diversity and free and paid solutions that may prevent days, even months of labor. Many folks assume that if they use an equivalent platform, their website will merely be traced by its style, look, and functionalities. However, this is often not the case. OpenCart offers an excellent variety of themes that you'll be able to customize your search in several ways and create a distinctive look, entirely different and unique.

  3. OpenCart is Easy to Hack

    As OpenCart comes as free software, therefore, is it easy to hack? The answer to this question is a big NO. Once an e-commerce platform is an open source, it's even safer. OpenCart, parenthetically, has various followers and communities that contribute to its development. Once there square measure issues, they're detected much faster, and severally, their resolution is more quick, economical and free.

  4. OpenCart is SEO-Friendly

    OpenCart is one among the most effective search engine optimized e-commerce platforms. The items we want for a decent improvement, OpenCart provides. From fields for meta titles and descriptions, ALT tags, inserting information as, to modules that enable to manipulate all main pages, types mechanically, and product on our online store, we can entirely shield ourselves from unpleasant results on Google SERPs.We even have an area for a customized Universal Resource Locator (URL) for every product, category, and info page called the “Pretty URLs.” Another important consideration regarding being SEO-friendly is that the loading speed of the website. It's after all necessary not just for sensible positioning in search engines, however conjointly for users.

  5. OpenCart Store is Open for Changes

    You should undoubtedly rent somebody, a person who is aware of PHP, MySQL, and HyperText Markup Language (HTML) with CSS. It is often analogous stack to e-commerce platforms like Magento, Bigcommerce, and PrestaShop and there are several good developers on Upwork who are good with PHP and may assist you with OpenCart customization.

  6. Analysis and Statistics

    With Opencart, you'll be able to create different statistics, which can assist you to analyze the success of your online store. Let's say; you'll be able to check that which is the first viewed product on the website or the foremost purchased one. You'll be able to check the number of orders by day, week, month, year. You will entirely analyze the behavior of your customers and guests and their actions, including registration orders, getting into the website, even that customers have ordered most from your site. On this basis, we can build new promoting ways, company policies and alter if required our online behavior.

  7. OpenCart inculcates Ready-to-Use Templates

    If you don’t have an enormous budget or maybe time to develop individual styles for your store, you can leverage on the ready-to-use templates. Several important online page stores like or sell many themes for OpenCart.

The Closing Lines

If you wish to be among the numerous overachieving online businesses, trust our expertise and experience with OpenCart for building your online store! If you're presently looking around for the e-commerce platform that’s right for you, OpenCart may well be an honest choice for you to contemplate.

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