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This extension lets you add your custom tab to every one of the products. You can likewise overlook the product category where you don’t need to demonstrate your tabs. You can allocate tabs to Store wise, Category wise, and manufacture wise, and so on
Supportive to all 2x Versions | Compatible for Multi-language support | All Themes Compatible
As, for instance; you have 200 Products and you need to add the same tab to every one of them. You can do this effectively with this tool.

You can assign easily assign tabs to Store wise, Category wise, Manufacture wise, etc

Support All 2x Versions ♥ Multi-language support ♥ All Themes compatible

You have 200 Products and you want to add same tab to all your products... You can do this easily with this extension...

You can also assign same tabs to specific category, manufacture, store, etc


* Add multiple custom tabs or Extra tabs in all the products as you wish.
* Fully Customization from admin side.
* Rich Textarea for tab contents.

1. Admin -> Extensions -> Extension Installer -> Click on the Upload button.
2. Find Our ocmod Extension File => extra_product_tabs.ocmod
3. Under Modification Click on refresh button
4. Acess Permission from User group
5. Now Finally Catalog - >Extra Product Tabs - > ♥ Add Your Tabs ♥


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Advance Custom Tabs or Extra Tabs in All The Products


80 Sales
Date Added07/03/2020
Date Modify07/03/2020
VendorWebX IT Solutions
Compatible with3.0.0.0,,,,,,,,,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Modifies core filesNo
License TypeSingle Domain
Support / Update3 months support Free and 1 Year Update

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