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by ritu / 04/03/2019
OpenCart 3.0 Out Now! | Webx IT Solutions

OpenCart 3.0

We're eager to reveal that the most recent rendition of OpenCart, OpenCart 3.0, has been finally released. Since a sneak look into the new format some point back, the whole OpenCart group has been eager to see the new essence of this version. Presently, it's prepared and accessible for download on the OpenCart site. As usual, we'd like to state a major thank you to the majority of the designers in the OpenCart group who helped to test the beta adaptation preceding this release.

What has this Brand New Version got in Store?

OpenCart 3.0 accompanies fresh out of the box new updates; there are two or three new highlights added to the OpenCart Extensions. In the beta form that OpenCart discharged three years back, three noteworthy changes have been seen in the open-source platform:

Extension Marketplace Integrated in the Admin | Theme Editor | Language Editor.

In the official arrival of OpenCart 3.0, Webx IT Solutions brings to its users along with these new highlights, many more enhancements to the admin board and a fresh out of the box new UI structure!

Here are the additional new highlights that are presented:

Multilingual SEO URLs | Improved Admin Data Filters | Improved and Flexible Reports | Statistics| No FTP Tab

Let’s Perceive How Some Features Looks like in the New OpenCart Extension!

  1. New Admin Panel Interface

    OpenCart 3.0 accompanies a primary interface in the admin panel. The structure is increasingly smaller, with minor minute changes. The improved look is seen everywhere throughout the administrative board, so how about we investigate and see what's happening. The main things we see is the client's symbol on the profile menu. The profile interface prompts the editing area in the admin board where you design your profile subtleties. A little new expansion is the classification menu just as the new hamburger menu outside of the central vertical compartment.

  2. Coming to the Extensions:

  3. Extension Marketplace

    The OpenCart Extension Marketplace, which was just available on the official site up until this point, is currently added to the admin board in your store. It implies you can get to the majority of the themes and modules straight from your very own store admin panel. You have the standard inquiry function and extra filters you can use to refine your search understanding. You can utilise the Categories to limit the outcomes. To additionally determine the sort of module or topic you're searching for, you can flip between All, Free or Paid. To start buying and introducing devices from the marketplace, you have to hit the Marketplace API catch and enter your subtleties. Finding and downloading OpenCart modules will be a lot quicker and less demanding starting now and into the foreseeable future.

  4. Extension Installer

    It is the new format of the OpenCart Extension Installer. The further expansion here isn't just the improved interface. You have another area called Install History, which holds a bag of the considerable number of extensions you have introduced in your OpenCart store.

  5. Translations

    The second new element is Language Translation, which is presently accessible through the crowdsourcing venture Crowdin. For storekeepers who need their OpenCart store to work in their local language, yet the translations either don’t exist or it's not completed, they can add to the Crowdin Project. The dialects that are as of now there will show up in the Available Translations field where you'll have the capacity to install and uninstall them.

  6. Now about the Categories:
  7. Multilingual SEO URLs

    Multilingual SEO URLs is another new feature that OpenCart supports. Whatever be the primary language of your store, you can utilise it for the URLs to each one of your pages. The SEO Keyword is presently moved to another tab (SEO) in the Category altering field. It is the keyword that will be utilised for the SEO URLs on the off chance that you wish to use them and get them enabled.

  8. New Admin Filters

    There are new channels for your information all around the admin board. Your first experience with the new filters is in the Products. They are situated on the right side of the screen. You can edit items by similar qualities as you would in the past interface. The new format sounds better, much sorted out and is less demanding to work with. Like in the classes, the SEO Keyword for the items is moved to a different SEO tab. The progressions you make here are pondered on your SEO URLs in the storefront. Proceeding onward, we see the new filter in the Reviews area in your Catalog. You can change all your product surveys by-product, author, status and date.

    Coming to Designs. The Design area is the following spot where significant changes are occurring. The new highlights in the Design segment in OpenCart are the Theme Editor and Language Editor. Two groundbreaking increments that improve the customisation of your store fundamentally. Getting to and adjusting your store's records will currently be a lot less demanding since it will be done straight from your administrator board.

  9. Theme Editor

    This feature gives you a chance to roll out any improvements you need for the code behind your OpenCart store straight from the administrator board. You will utilise the Twig language. Choose the layout you wish to alter on the left and roll out your improvements in the text editor on the right. Pick your store - on the off chance that you are running a multi-store setup and need to modify the plan of your sub-stores from your unique establishment, pick which store you need to alter and start. Pick a layout - select the format and particular document you need to change with the editorial manager. For instance, if you need to redo your Cart View, choose the checkout format, and afterwards cart.twig. When you're set, you can Save your progressions or Reset them if something has turned out badly. Modifying the structure of your OpenCart just turned out to be a lot less confusing!

  10. Language Editor

    You would now be able to alter the majority of the writings in the storefront, whichever languages you are utilising. The language editor is easy to work with and get it. You have to choose which Route contains the component you need to alter and after that pick it in the Key field. You will perceive what the Default content is and have the capacity to enter the upgraded one in the Value field at the bottom.

Webx IT Solutions claims to Try OpenCart Extension Today Itself!

Another section in OpenCart's story starts. All in all, what do you think? Is it safe to say that you are experimenting with the new form? Do you like the new highlights? Do you think something is absent? Let us know your contemplations in the comments beneath!

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