OCMOD and VQMOD both are available

This Extension has import bulk customers / users using XLS file in your opencart site.

Customer Import Features

Update Existing Customers Details
Skip Already Registered Customers
Insert Duplicate Emails of existing customers

Import fields of Customer List:
1. Firstname (Required)
2. Lastname (Required)
3. Email (Required)
4. Password
5. salt
6. Telephone
7. Fax
8. Customer group
9. Company
10. Address 1
11. Address 2
12. Postcode
13. City
14. Region / State
15. Country
16. Approved
17. Newsletter
18. Status

Example file also available under the zip file


1. Install customer_import.ocmod.xml XML file using Extension installer.

2. Refresh modification after upload xml file.

3. After that upload “system” folder's files in their proper location.

4. Logged in your administrator account

5. if you are using 2x version then go to admin->sales->customer

6. Enjoy importing customers.

You can also buy combo Import and Export together in just $15
Combo Import and Export Extension


Username: demo
Password: demo

For Support Contact Me: rahul.k.juneja@gmail.com

Customer Import Tool


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Date Added07/03/2020
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Modifies core filesNo
License TypeSingle Domain
Support / Update3 months support Free and 1 Year Update

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