Filter Pro

Filter Pro

Filter Pro is a simple and user-friendly extension. It allows the user to fast finding products with selected searching criteria like Options, attributes, filters, manufacturers, rating and much more


✯ Automatically create all filters options with the help of products

✯ Support multiple values of the Attributes

✯ Filtering by:

               * Keywords

               * Price

               * Options

               * Attributes

               * Filters

               * Manufacturer

               * Ratings

               * Stock Status

✯ Default Filter support

✯ Horizontal and Vertical Designs

✯ Desktop and Mobile filters options

✯ Enable/Disable Values

✯ AJAX requests so that it reloads the whole page

✯ Capable to expand and collapse options

✯ On click perform function

✯ Enable / Disable any filter options

✯ Different filters for every layout design

✯ AND OR conditions for the filters

✯ Fully manageable from admin

✯ Fully Responsive

✯ Any Theme Compatible

✯ Multi-Store compatible

✯ Multi-Language Compatible

✯ No Core file change

✯ Vqmod and Ocmod Both available

✯ 12 months of support

✯ Many More features...

Filter Pro


Date Added06/06/2019
Date Modify24/06/2019
VendorWebX IT Solutions
Compatible with2.0.0.0,,,,,,,,,,,,
Modifies core filesNo
License TypeSingle Domain
Support / Update12 Months

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