Terms and Conditions

Below are some specific guidelines that form the terms and conditions for our products.

  • All installments are taken care of through our PayPal as the payment medium.
  • We don't have any control over installments through OpenCart.com.
  • Items are sold as shown
  • Products are tried on default OpenCart and may not work at times.
  • A few items will require customization keeping in mind the end goal to work with specific subjects and outsider software.
  • We have a helpful pamphlet that every one of our clients is bought in to. We offer simple unsubscription as well.

Detailed Terms and Conditions

Before you buy, download and utilize our products for your motivations, or for your customers', please ensure you have perused, comprehended and consented to our terms and conditions. By utilizing our Webx IT site, we expect you've perused, comprehended and acknowledged the terms and conditions. We endeavour to maintain all authority to change the costs as well as the terms and conditions whenever without prior notice to its customers. Data about our Support policy is accessible on our website. You can even read more about our Licensing here on our website.

Payment Method

All payments are dealt through PayPal Inc. furthermore, Square Inc.

Warranty Period

Our products are delivered as they are developed without guarantee of any sort, either communicated or inferred. We don't ensure that our products will work in all web browsers, aside from the said ones, nor do we ensure that they will be used with all variants of web platforms. Our products don't assure similarity with any extra outsider plugins, contents, or applications.

Newsletter Service

As a matter of course, as a customer, after a purchase at Webx IT solutions, you like all our other customers are bought into our newsletter content services, which give available data about the updates of our products and services, the arrival of new items, current advancements, and other promotions. All customers can also unsubscribe from the newsletter if that they decide to.

Privacy Policy

Any data put together by the customer for finishing the purchase, conveyance of the item, data about new item discharges, and also tending to any client benefit issues is considered entirely secret. We won't reveal your data with anybody.

Voucher Scheme

Vouchers at Webx IT Solutions are a US dollar esteem portrayal of our products and enterprises that a customer may buy using our online sale on our website. Vouchers are given on a case-by-case premise. The sum got as a coupon isn't redeemable. The voucher money can't be exchanged among customers and customer's records. Vouchers can be utilized as a full or part payment. Voucher must be used as full payment regardless of whether the product cost is less, equivalent to or more than the estimation of the voucher. After the voucher is utilized, no change is given.


Webx IT Solutions has an offshoot program intended to adopt the online traffic that you convey to our site. For every deal produced by bringing a client to us from your site, you will be rewarded. Run of the mill subsidiary clients are bloggers, video commentators, and dynamic informal organization people who allude to our items. Also, we won't respect offshoot commission for buys where the purchaser is a similar individual (or associated individual) to the subsidiary individual. We don't endure and claim all authority to boycott offshoot clients who pick up movement by publicizing our items in backstabbing way. It incorporates false advertising highlights, false cost or offering malicious rebate codes. Webx IT won't respect subsidiary income created by unexpected path in comparison to the expected utilization of the program.

Constraint of Obligation

By no means will Webx IT be held obligated for any immediate, aberrant, exceptional, accidental or significant harms, including, yet not constrained to, loss of information or profit, emerging from the utilization of, or the failure to utilize the items on this site.

Resources utilized as a part of the demo content

The pictures that accompany any of our subjects are being used exclusively for show purposes and are copyright of their proprietors. The pictures are just as placeholders, that can give you a thought of how your site may resemble. With the buy of any of our items, the customer consents to not offer them, adjusted or unmodified, for redistribution or resale.

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