The Support Policy of Webx IT Solutions

The Support Policy Guidelines of Webx IT Solutions

Below are some specific guidelines that form the support policy for our products. We maintain a very disciplined kind of system and work as per our laid out plan.

  • Our after-sales help and support are just for legitimate Webx IT Solutions products and services.
  • Ours is an English-based support system.
  • Ensured support-answer time is up to 48 hours within business days.
  • We take the effort to answer all queries starting from oldest to the freshest.
  • At the same time, you are not to required to repost your already opened query ticket if you are not adding any additional essential data to the previously opened ticket.
  • Reposting an unanswered query will reset the time and in a way back off the response time.
  • We don't offer help on ends of the week and national holidays.
  • Our after-sale support working hours are from 10 AM - 6 PM (M-F) at (GMT/UTC +5:30).
  • We charge furthermore to help MijoShop/AceShop/JooCart, and the charge is per the product.
  • Once in a while, we may require access to your FTP and web store administrator.
  • We can't ensure that the majority of our products will be extraordinarily useful in comparison to the expansion, subject or a self-customized OpenCart.

Premium Support Policy

As a loyal and trustworthy customer, you are qualified for one year of Premium Support upon the purchase of any of our products including topics, modules, and email layouts. Our Premium Support signifies that during this particular support, we give ensured reply-back time and direct correspondence with the developers of our product.

The Support Procedure

You can get Support by getting to and typing in your username and password and presenting a ticket using our online ticket supportive network. With a specific end goal to ensure small response duration and guarantee ensured deliverability, we figure out your query utilizing our ticket support system as an essential source. We emphatically suggest using our ticket framework as, and we are not to be considered responsible for any unreceived email or longer reply times, because of the decision of the customer's choice of instruments of correspondence such as emails and comments on Opencart extension pages.

Taking the end goal to guarantee most brief reaction times and give quick after-sale service, we suggest you present your storefront URL, customer-facing facade admin and furnish us with impermanent FTP details. After the issue is resolved, the query ticket is settled by our staff of Webxit Solutions, and you should promptly handicap the impermanent FTP and web store access details given to us. Look into our website and discover more critical information and tips on the most proficient method to determine and report bugs.


All module or coding alterations are done to mirror the customers' present store settings and set up. If a customer chooses to refresh their module(s), OpenCart or whatever else, which brings about the difference in the present set up, we are not to be held dependable for any harms, features lost and contradictions. We additionally can't ensure that all changes done by us will be future perfect to any new OpenCart renditions or module refreshes. To wrap things up, we maintain all authority to charge again for a similar alteration if any of the above conditions are adhered to.


We take care of your support demands from 10 AM to 6 PM each business day, at GMT/UTC +5:30. Albeit the vast majority of the help issues are dealt inside 24 hours, in some extreme cases, on ends of the week and national holidays, it could take up to 72hours, contingent upon the instance.

General Support Policy

Webx ITSolutions Premium Support is a FREE Support channel for all clients, who have bought any of our items. Any further broad OpenCart Support inquiries or support-related issues identifying with outsider augmentations, not created by us are conceivable, be that as it may, excluded from the Premium Support bundle, and subsequently will be charged. Minor alterations and customizations demands, identified with our modules, subjects, and email layouts are conceivable and considered either free or paid depending upon the case premise.

Custom Development and Support

Some services, for example, complex client particular customizations, general how-to OpenCart related request, custom extension development, and also bugs and upgrades in outsider augmentations, not created by us are viewed as a custom improvement, and subsequently are liable to charge. Contingent upon the measure of the query, each venture is appointed a developer or a group of engineers, who work to the particular needs of the task. Standard reports are posted, with the turnaround time declared preceding the acknowledgment of the offer. With custom advancement, we are at risk to one side of code proprietorship, media rights and also the privilege to exchange of the code incorporated into the customization, except if expressly concurred something else.

We, by and large, give a month (31 days) support guarantee for all code composed by us. A guarantee involves a commitment to wipe out any deformities in the item or work, which are because of our production fault. As such, amid the guarantee time frame (31 days) we settle all product abandons inside the concurred time restraint, given that the accompanying conditions are met:

  • There is a bug issue in our code.
  • The problem comes about because of a bug in our code.
  • To ask about additional addresses, you can drop an email to us.

Support Policy for MyJio Shop and Ace Shop

If you are not running OpenCart, but rather MijoShop, AceShop or other Joomla port, you should buy our expanded help bundle. This is important as these ports (AceShop and MijoShop) are not OpenCart, and it takes our group additionally endeavors to help them and keep them adaptation steady. The installment is per module and is a one-time expense, paid over the module cost.


Refunds will be made only if the product does not function as promoted even though it was installed correctly and checked by our help office. To additionally ensure consumer loyalty's or if there should be an occurrence of snags, our help group requires restricted time access to client's retail front and FTP certifications. This way we ensure that the item is legitimately introduced and we can check if its full usefulness is as portrayed. Any of our items neglected to react to the above-recorded criteria and gave that our Support Team has guaranteed that the product isn't working, in the publicized way, the client has issued a refund. We additionally give returns, no inquiries solicited, if a stolen credit card is used to buy our products.

Access to our Support

You have access to our help when you have at least one buy with a substantial and non-terminated permit. If your license has lapsed and you require our assistance, you ought to reestablish your authorization. Your entrance will be prohibited forever in instances of record fraud, adulterated information, mishandle, hostile conduct or copyright encroachment.

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