All about Abandoned Cart | an OpenCart Extension

by ritu / 23/05/2019
All about Abandoned Cart | an OpenCart Extension

Abandoned Cart | What Does It Say?

OpenCart extension, Abandoned Cart module, happens to be an advantageous module for the store proprietor or the store owner. With the assistance of this module, they can see the number of customers who have deserted their shopping basket midway without completing their order. The storekeeper can inform the customers about their abandoned cart either through mail or through their mobile number. The store owner tracks the customers through the IP address of the gadget through which the latter has loaded products in his or her cart. This great module is an incredible asset for the administrator to build both the sales and revenue of their Opencart Store. The administrator or the storekeeper can tell the customers either physically or consequently by setting Cron Job on the cPanel.

As indicated by the Baymard Institute, a Denmark-based website research organization in the UK, 67.45% of online shopping baskets are left abandoned. That means, for every 100 valuable clients, 67 of them will leave without buying or just after putting their shipping addresses. This problem tends to decrease sales and revenue for the store owner. How do you solve this? Abandoned Cart helps you overcome this issue. As said above, Abandoned Cart lets you review your customers’ cart products and gives you a chance to notify your customers either via mail or automatically linked to their cart or at least provide a discount offer.

Abandoned Cart | OpenCart Extension | Features

Following are the features of Opencart extension, a cart reminder named Abandoned Cart. Have a look!

  • The administrator can set the email layout for sending reminder emails to the clients.
  • The administrator can enter the email address through which a notification message will be sent to the customer(s) for their abandoned cart products.
  • The administrator can see the subtleties of the clients like their name, email id, IP Address, Time and Date.
  • The administrator can tell the clients either manually or automatically.
  • The administrator will set up Cron Job for sending an automatic warning notification for the abandoned cart extension.
  • The codes are open source and it very well may be modified according to your necessity.

Abandoned Cart | Reasons for Having One such OpenCart Extension

A thing to remember: a particular customer’s failure to not able to complete the order does not have anything to do with the website. The reasons behind not completing the order can be the following:

  • The facts say that 63% of the customers go back without completing the purchase because of the extra costs incurred for shipping, taxes, and fees.
  • 31% back out because of not convinced to pay the registration fees.
  • 25% do not complete their order because of an error on the website.
  • 18% do not permit to put in their card details for a particular purchase.
  • 4% do not go ahead because of lack of payment gateway.

How Does Abandoned Cart Solve These Above Problems

With its awesome features listed above, OpenCart extension, Abandoned cart lets you overcome the problems of customers not complete their order, thus, increasing sales and revenue for you, as a store owner. This cart reminder works excellently.

Purchase today and see the difference yourself!

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