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by ritu / 23/03/2019
Product Reviews Pro | Compatible for 2x and 3x | Webx IT Solutions


The advance product rating system, Product Reviews Pro, brought about by WebxIT, enables its clients, you, to collect customer reviews for your chosen products before you decide to purchase them. It, in a way, increases your Store Sales as well since product surveys help to manufacture a feeling of the network and commitment. On the part of the customer requirement, before purchase, most of the users to check that particular product’s rating.

For this extension, we have built an extremely powerful and entirely controlled customised ‘Admin Board’ considering our customers. It allows our clients to upload a picture along with their reviews. Such product reviews are visible with the option of ‘Filter Feature’ Like High Rated Reviews, Recent Reviews, Oldest Review and Low Rated Reviews etc. It helps our customers to check reviews easily. To show the latest reports, you can enable the most recent reviews anywhere on your storefront.

The Best Sales Tool

Have you ever thought that what it takes this Opencart extension, Product Reviews Pro to make what it is today?

If yes, then the reasons listed below will answer all your queries, the Benefits:
  • It's an undeniable fact that product reviews are an incredibly useful asset for increment in online deals and in creating more revenue. Reports give the social confirmation of good quality items on the store page. Studies demonstrate that about 85% of clients see these reviews before taking their final call, and over 63% of clients are bound to buy if a store has got proper evaluation and studies for that product.
  • Product reviews are unusual, incredible sales-increasing apparatuses generally used by online stores. OpenCart incorporates probably the best reviews alternatives accessible, yet these still are underrated when contrasted with what product reviews can do.
  • The Product Reviews Pro will enable you to acknowledge the reviews. However, you can likewise acknowledge the uploaded product images of the client as a significant aspect of the survey.
  • The amazing admin board at the back end of the website permits making different rate types. It adds a few new capacities to product reviews and can empower distinctive functionalities like casting a ballot system against each evaluation of the clients, for example, remarks, report misuse, photos, and many more highlights.
  • Graphs are amazingly useful; it conveys speedy and vital data. Review graphs help clients to anticipate how well the product is performing.
  • This extension, Product Reviews Pro is compatible with major OpenCart themes like JOURNAL, FASTOR, THEMEBURN-Shoppica, Pavilion and substantially more.
  • With this professionally designed product reviews pro augmentation, you have full command over the reviews, show distinctive surveys at various stores over the same item as well as demonstrate several reviews at multiple languages over the same thing. It is beneficial to large eCommerce sites.

Features of Product Reviews Pro in OpenCart Extension

Today, most clients will never buy a product without knowing how it will function for them. They read the great and terrible reviews of the equivalent to settling on the essential choice. Reviews are something that can make your future clients feel sure about their buy choice. The more reviews you have, the more certain clients will be that they are settling on the correct decision.

The Product Review Module offers a ton of extraordinary features:
  • Top Reviews: This particular extension displays the most rated reviews, be it positive or negative. The highest voted review is what the prospective customer sees first.

  • Verified Purchase Badge: Post minute inspection, editing and verification, the most genuine review gets the best review award, and the customer receives the verified purchase badge for purchasing the product.

  • Multi-Rating Bar: In this product rating system, there are new options added to the product reviews that can empower diverse functionalities like casting a voting framework against each review type from clients, for example, comments, report misuse, images, many more highlights.

  • SEO Friendly: Reviews can likewise assist with your product being SEO friendly by giving an indexable substance that you get free of cost from your clients’ audits.

  • Review Rich Snippets: Review Rich Snippets are a particular kind of piece and contain explicit review data, for example, client name, star rating and review comments. Google peruses this substance from your HTML and utilises it to produce organic stars. You can likewise sub-partition your reviews by labelling them with catchphrases, at that point, use these labels to figure out which report appears in which gadget and in this manner, on which page.

  • Separate Page for All Reviews: Have each product review on a separate page, this will enable rate the quality of the review well, and Google can fetch it easy to retain traffic and boost the product’s SEO.

  • Email Invitation: These email invitations for product reviews can connect with, energise, and even impact the recipients. Whenever fruitful, these messages fabricate publicity and above all, give insights about dates and times. By legitimately focusing on your forthcoming users with essential data, you can get the typical reaction rate from your occasional email invitations for such OpenCart extensions.

  • Review Vote: Each review gets a particular number of votes from other customers as to whether that review is genuine or whether the customers have liked how that specific customer has reviewed the product. Hence, the review vote feature determines the productivity of the purchased product.

  • Report against the Review submitted by the User: This feature of the OpenCart extension, Product Reviews Pro, gives the authority to the users to report against a specific review provided by the user who has already purchased the product and has used it.

The Professional Product Reviews Pro

A Product Review Pro OpenCart extension built on a professional level imbibes the following new qualities:
  • A. Make Review Qualifiers to incite clients for explicit information and product feedback.

  • B. Enable clients to upload images and relevant videos to the reviews.

  • C. Guarantees that clients don't leave copied reviews thus, empower updating reviews for a product.

  • D. Alternatively empower other exchange commitments, for example, questions, independent photographs, and independent recordings alongside the comments.
  • E. Set a limit of reviews for each product to abstain from appearing while you assemble the feedback.

  • F. Makes upvoting and downvoting frameworks to decide on accommodating reviews.

  • G. Clients can signal reviews that should be directed to caution shop workers.

  • H. Clients can channel surveys by star rating, i.e., demonstrate each of the 4-star reviews.

  • Conclusion

    Need any more reason to buy? When you purchase an OpenCart developed extension, you’re getting the highest quality extensions for your store. Have a stress free sleep by knowing that when you buy our products, your store’s performance is essential to us as it is to you.

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