Excel Point | Compatible for 1.5x, 2.x and 3x | Webx IT Solutions

by ritu / 23/03/2019
Excel Point | Compatible for 1.5x, 2.x and 3x | Webx IT Solutions

Brief Knowhow About Excel Point

If for that matter, you are building a vast store with OpenCart, transferring products one by one can be a long dreary procedure. Hence, there's an extension called Excel Point that you can introduce to enable you to send out your present goods in Excel, work offline on including or altering new items, and bringing in the spreadsheet to add the new products to your store. It can spare significant time in getting your store executed. However, the memory necessities for this particular extension can be very high. If you have more than 2,000 products in your store and are on a mutual or shared server, this module may not be appropriate for you to use because of the high memory utilisation.

Excel Point. This OpenCart extension is an expertly constructed expansion of import and export OpenCart information through XSL record, and Transfer/Add OR Update information without having a memory issue. This expansion can relocate from the older OpenCart to the most up to date OpenCart. You can import/trade information in numerous formats like XLS, XLSX, CSV, XML.

Installation of Excel Point

For 1.5.x OpenCart renditions, a pre-introduced VQMod (Virtual File Modification System) is required for establishment.

If amid the installation, an error appears saying "Could not connect as ......" while uploading this zipped augmentation using the Extension Installer, you most likely have the FTP help disabled from the hosting. You may attempt this OpenCart Extension Installer fix first.

The following steps for setting up the Bulk Import/Export Extension or the Excel Point extension:

  1. Download the extension. Make sure to look down the page and find the Download tab. Download the one for your specific OpenCart rendition.

  2. Extract the documents that you just downloaded.

  3. Upload the organisers "admin", "system", and "vqmod" and their documents from the "transfer" catalogue to your root registry of your OpenCart Store utilising an FTP program.

  4. Log in to your OpenCart Dashboard.

  5. In your OpenCart Dashboard, go to System > Users > Users Group.

  6. Select the Top Administrator and snap Edit on the right side.

  7. Discover the section for tool/export in both Access and Modify dropdown records and a spot check by tapping on their boxes.

  8. Presently you can utilise the extension in your dashboard by going to System Export/Import.

Features of Excel Point in OpenCart Extension

The Import/Export Tool permits the administrator client to complete a mass export of classifications, products, alternatives, qualities, filters and clients to an Excel spreadsheet document. The spreadsheet document is eligible for offline editing and after that be re-imported to the OpenCart database.

Some of the new features that Excel Point include are as follows:

  • The Import can be gradual, that is, information is refreshed or added to the OpenCart server. Or then again, it tends to be non-gradual which implies every single old datum is first erased before the Import.

  • The Export can be constrained to specific information extends just for items and classifications.

  • Multilingual Supportable: Different languages are currently supported too.

  • Relocate your everything OpenCart information from the oldest to the newest version.

  • Mass, Grouped or Basic Export Mode: Excel Point highlights three one of a kind export modes. Mass Export which is a multi-sheet send out and is ideal for mass edit. Assembled Export where you have all product data arranged into product rows and Basic Export where you have the traditional one product for each line.

  • Different OpenCart Fields Supported: Excel Point OpenCart extension offers a single tick export and import of local OpenCart Products, Options, Option Values, Customers, Customer Groups, Categories, Attributes, Orders, Coupons, and Gift Vouchers.

  • Import and Export Products and Categories.

  • Import and Export Customers and Customers Group.

  • Import and Export Manufacturers.

  • Import and Export Affiliates.

  • Import and Export Coupons.

  • Import and Export Order.

  • Import and Export Users.

  • Single Click Export: Discard complexities. It is effortless to export and import information with Excel point extension. Everything occurs with this single-click of the button.

  • No Memory Issues: Excel Point offers a best in class gradual export and import device that will enable you to send out or import a large measure of products with no memory issues.
  • Advanced Filtrations: On the off chance that you are up for particular information export, Excel Point highlights advanced filtrations to enable you to manage your custom situation.

  • Multi-Store Supportable: Excel Point extension offers multi-store support.
  • Migrate Customers from the Oldest to the Newest rendition.
  • Vqmod and Ocmod both accessible.

  • One year of after-sales service: Upon buying this Excel Point OpenCart extension, you are qualified for one year of premium after-sales service that will get you up and running with Excel Point. You are likewise conceded access to our ticket framework just as a module refreshes, current advancements, extraordinary packs and so forth.

Necessities and Disadvantages

Memory necessities can be very high. Only one out of every odd shared web hosting account bolsters a top procedure memory use. Along these lines, if you utilise a primary shared web facilitating account, close to a couple of thousand products can be exported or imported at once. Utilise a progressively dedicated web hosting account if a higher number of products are to be handled in one go, or then again, export and import on numerous times in smaller bunches.

Further Help and Altered Adaptations

This instrument has been effectively tried for the standard OpenCart extensions 1.5.1 to 1.5.6.x, 2.x, and 3.0.x. Try not to utilise other Opencart renditions with this extension. If by any chance, you need an altered adaptation of the Export and Import Tool, definitely do come to us without having any hesitation, and we can make one for you.

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